Regina Marzlin is an award winning fibre artist and quilter. She started to make traditional quilts in 2003 after moving from Germany to Canada, but quickly moved towards designing her own art pieces. Most of her pieces are decorative wall hangings which are non-traditional textile collages, often inspired by nature, mainly abstract and colorful. She enjoys working with hand dyed fabrics which are further altered by painting, printing and other surface techniques such as discharging and resist processes and photo transfer. The texture of different fabrics, the interplay between colours, the build-up of layers as well as hand- and machine-quilting are important design elements.
Regina exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally. Her work is available for sale in several galleries. She is also available for teaching and lectures. Currently Regina is the regional representative for the textile art group SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Atlantic Canada Region.


Regina working on the commission for the Antigonish Public Library, November 2010