Magazine cover

My piece “Autumn Colours” can be seen on the new fall 2013 edition of the Antigonish  Review. This is the first time my art has been chosen as a cover for a magazine and I’m very happy about it!

The Antigonish Review is a quarterly literary journal published by St. Francis Xavier University. The Review features poetry, fiction, reviews and critical articles from all parts of Canada, the US and overseas. A lot of well-known authors have been featured there, like Wayne Johnston, David Adams Richards, Carol Shields and Leo MacKay.

The fall colours featured in the artwork are a great choice for the fall edition. I made this piece in 2010 and it sold a long time ago.

Happy dance!


“Provocative” fibre art show in New Minas, NS

I will have one piece in a show put up by our Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Bee. This is a loosely structured group with fabulous women who are very talented in all kinds of fibre art. We usually meet once a month somewhere in the province and work on some techniques, do  show and tell and just support each other. We came up with the plan for our first exhibition and here it is:

It will be interesting what provocative ideas will be expressed in fabric and stitch. My piece is about fracking and plays around with some text.

If you can, have a look – it will be interesting!


“Fusion” Artisan Holiday Showcase in Antigonish

I’d like to invite all my local friends to come to the 3rd annual”Fusion” Holiday showcase on November 2nd 2013 at the Claymore Inn, Antigonish. This show has established itself as a highlight of the pre-Christmas season with its eclectic mix of very talented artisans and artists. You will find something for everyone on your list!

I’m excited to be invited again and hope to surprise visitors with some new work and great small items that make perfect gifts. The poster features my fibre art piece “Pear Harvest”, which is actually already sold, but I will have more pear-related art available, as this seems to be my fall theme this year!

Hope to meet you there


Antigonight 2013

The Antigonight Festival “Art after Dark” took place last Friday and Saturday in Antigonish. We had good weather, especially on Saturday and lots of people came to take in the sights, sounds and smells of this great gathering of artistic projects. There was music, theatre, dance, visual arts and lots of participatory events.

My project was called “Prayer Flags – Good Wishes in Cloth” and I had a great turnout at the Library community room on Friday night. Lots of people came through and helped by making a flag. I had prepared the flags and gathered lots of material to decorate them so everyone found something they wanted to put on. I had to let most of the flags dry overnight as there was quite some paint on them, so I strung them up the next morning. They look so bright and cheerful in the sunlight!

Have a look for yourself:

Alltogether we made 113 flags, the are strung up outside the library and will weather there and send all the good wishes and hopes into the universe. I had a lot of positive comments about the project and all ages, from kids to seniors enjoyed making the flags.

Thanks for reading



Mermaid’s Tears Seaglass Festival in PEI

Since moving to Nova Scotia 5 years ago I started to collect beach glass on my walks along the beautiful local beaches. It became a little bit of an obsession, and I got my whole family addicted, too!

In my fibre art, some of my main selling articles are fabric postcards and small wearable art pins. I thought about combining the seaglass with fabric, and after some trials I found a way to do this. The articles sold well locally. I had already heard about the Mermaid’s Tears Seaglass Festival, an annual three day festival in July, that is all about seaglass. This year was their 5th event, and the first one I could go to, so I decided to go as a vendor and bring my fabric art with me. I was sure this was something new, as most artists use seaglass in jewelery or decorative art pieces. So I made a number of bigger pieces, some framed fabric collages and lots of postcards and pins. The festival was held at the Lighthouse in Souris, PEI, which is a charming little coastal town with great beaches.

Attendance was very good, the media coverage was good, f.e. CTV did a piece for their local news.

I set up my table and was able to hang some bigger pieces from the tent structure, as all the vendors were in one huge tent. The visitors were quite interested in my pieces and I had lots of great feedback. I heard comments like “I’ve never seen anything like that!” over and over. The sales were good, too, and it was a lot of fun talking to other vendors, taking in the amazing seaglass finds and just chatting with visitors who were interested in my artwork. I will definitely try to go there again next year and I have many more design ideas for pieces with seaglass!

Here is one of the postcards:

And here a fabric pin, about 1 1/2″ by 2″:

And finally, one of my bigger pieces, 17″ square. This one has hand dyed fabric, hand painted fabric, stamped and discharged shells and seaglass in it and is called “Ghost Shells”.

Thanks for reading!


Workshop at Acadia University Gallery

I am going to be teaching in Wolfville at the Gallery of the Acadia University on August 4th 2013. It will be my “Postcard Fun” class, so each student gets to make three textile postcards to take home. It is a fun class with lots of play and experimenting, suitable for all levels, even non-sewers. I hope lots of people will enroll, I love to teach that class!

Here is the poster, as you can see there are more exciting classes offered by really good teachers:

Enjoy the warm weather, bye for now,



Hands Dancing Show in Inverness

I will have two pieces in the upcoming “Hands Dancing” show in the Inverness County Centre for the Arts. They have a beautiful large gallery space there and I’m happy to be included in this years members’ show. It runs from June 28 to July 28. If you are in the area I can highly recommend this exhibition which features a great variety of art.

One of my entries is called “Panta Rhei – Everything Flows” and incorporates some lovely silk fabric, hand painted fusible web, hand dyed fabric and lots of machine stitching.

The other artwork is called “Sea Moss” and depicts some underwater plants in different techniques. The background is a hand dyed piece of silk that turned out really well.

Both pieces will be for sale as this is a sale show. I love going up to Inverness to take in the beach and the general area, it is so beautiful there. And the art centre is a very special place, so go ahead and visit!

Take care


More results from the photo on fabric workshop

Yesterday I got a nice email from Ginny Evans with three beautiful pictures of her finished photo art quilt. I was blown away by her amazing composition and her great details. Here is what she did:

I love how she repeated the shape of the lupin flowers in ribbon embroidery. The rick-rack half borders give it a playful element, and the pink strips are a nice contrast.

Thank you Ginny. I do hope she will continue to do photo fabric collages as she really did a great job!


Teaching in Port Williams

A while ago I had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Town and Country Quilt Guild in Port Williams, Annapolis Valley. The theme was photos on fabric, that is how to print or transfer them otherwise onto fabric and then how to incorporate them into a small art quilt by applying design principles and colour theory.

I had a very dedicated and eager group of ten lovely ladies who were willing to try something new and stretch their boundaries. We had a wonderful and very productive day. I was very impressed with all the good design ideas and beautiful fabric combinations everybody came up with.  The energy in the room was flowing, the creativity sparking! We all had a good time and I hope the gals invite me back for another workshop.

Here are some of the first results, during the design stage. You can see some layouts that were ready to be sewn and some that were in early design stages.

Barbara worked with pictures of flowering chives and found some great fabrics to support the colour scheme:

Debbie went right to work and had her top amost done at the end of the day. A beautiful colour combination, very springlike:

I love Kate’s handmade stamp of the chive blossom and her pink accents:

Jackie’s work features orange tulip blossom photos, she also did a rubbing with metallic oil paintsticks on the fabric:

Dawna’s layout is very elegant and calm, she also uses a handmade stamp for detail:

Linda is auditioning different ribbons to enhance her composition with a photo of poppie seedpods:

Linda is incorporating the chives’ stalks into her design. I love the bright green:

Ginny had all the right fabrics with her to really make those lupin pictures stand out:

For some reason I did not manage to take pictures of Marie’s and Ruth’s layouts – my apologies-  but they were fabulous as well. Marie worked with pictures of birds on a power line, and Ruth had some plant pictures she incorporated.

I was very happy with the work we got done, the results will be beautiful.

Let me know if your group or guild would be interested in the workshop, I love to teach!



Talk and trunk show in April

Join me for a talk and trunk show at the Senior’s Cafe in the Antigonish Town and County Library on April 3 2013, 14.00-15.30pm in the Community Room. I will talk about my textile art journey and show lots of my work – from the humble beginnings to award winning pieces. Also, there will be coffee, tea and munchies!