Mermaid’s Tears Seaglass Festival in PEI

Since moving to Nova Scotia 5 years ago I started to collect beach glass on my walks along the beautiful local beaches. It became a little bit of an obsession, and I got my whole family addicted, too!

In my fibre art, some of my main selling articles are fabric postcards and small wearable art pins. I thought about combining the seaglass with fabric, and after some trials I found a way to do this. The articles sold well locally. I had already heard about the Mermaid’s Tears Seaglass Festival, an annual three day festival in July, that is all about seaglass. This year was their 5th event, and the first one I could go to, so I decided to go as a vendor and bring my fabric art with me. I was sure this was something new, as most artists use seaglass in jewelery or decorative art pieces. So I made a number of bigger pieces, some framed fabric collages and lots of postcards and pins. The festival was held at the Lighthouse in Souris, PEI, which is a charming little coastal town with great beaches.

Attendance was very good, the media coverage was good, f.e. CTV did a piece for their local news.

I set up my table and was able to hang some bigger pieces from the tent structure, as all the vendors were in one huge tent. The visitors were quite interested in my pieces and I had lots of great feedback. I heard comments like “I’ve never seen anything like that!” over and over. The sales were good, too, and it was a lot of fun talking to other vendors, taking in the amazing seaglass finds and just chatting with visitors who were interested in my artwork. I will definitely try to go there again next year and I have many more design ideas for pieces with seaglass!

Here is one of the postcards:

And here a fabric pin, about 1 1/2″ by 2″:

And finally, one of my bigger pieces, 17″ square. This one has hand dyed fabric, hand painted fabric, stamped and discharged shells and seaglass in it and is called “Ghost Shells”.

Thanks for reading!