My first quilt

Often people ask me how I started to quilt. Coming from Germany I had no contact to handmade quilts at all, never seen one and also had not learned how to sew, though my maternal Grandmother tried to teach me knitting without much success. So, here is the story.

Our family immigrated to Canada from Germany in the fall of 2003. We lived in Calgary then, just starting out and finding our way around. My son started violin lessons in early 2004, and I usually took his little sister, three at the time, for a little walk around the strip mall where the lessons took place while we waited for the lesson to end.

One day it was raining very hard, so we walked along the storefronts and decided to go into a quilt store to get out of the rain. It was my first visit ever to a quilt store and I was astonished at the sight of all the bolts of fabric, the beautiful finished pieces hanging on the walls and balconies, the little folded pieces of fabric (fat quarters of course) and I felt overwhelmed by all the colors and textures. My little girl found a play area set up with toys under a stair, and next to it stood a basket with scraps, cutoffs which you could put in a small plastic bag and buy for $1. She wanted some of these scraps so I helped her to pick out some and we stuffed our baggie to the brim. We took it home and I decided to make her a small quilt with the scraps. I went to the public library, got a beginners quilting book and started to hand-sew my first quilt. Now, I never did sew before, never learned to quilt, so it was something very unexpected and new for me. But, how I enjoyed it! I was hooked and haven’t looked back since. I bought a sewing machine some months later and I’m quilting now for 10 years, having moved into art quilting and doing my own designs. I’m so lucky to have discovered the wonderful artistic possibilities of textiles.

Here is the picture of my very first quilt:


I show this small quilt (16″ x 16″) at my trunk shows and tell the story how it came about and the audience just loves it! I guess I have to thank my daughter for my career as a fibre artist.

Bye for now