Opening of “Structures” show in Antigonish

So, on June 5th we had the grand opening of our SAQA Atlantic Canada “Structures” show – one down, four more openings to go! It was a fabulous event, with lots of visitors and seven of the 19 artists in attendance. My friend Chris Nielsen spoke eloquently as she always does about SAQA, the term “art quilt” and the three juror’s choices for the best pieces in the show. We heard lots of enthusiastic comments, answered many questions and  had a great time.

Here is Chris, in front of 3 artworks (left to right: “Dancing Neurons” by myself, “Banded Echo” by Penny Berens and “Out of Chaos, Order” by Susan Lilley):

Chris Nielsen speaking at the StFx Art Gallery opening

Chris Nielsen speaking at the StFx Art Gallery opening

Here are some more pictures, before the crowds moved in. Actually, I took these while hanging the show, so they don’t have the identifying tags next to them yet.

"Structures" at StFX Art Gallery

“Structures” at StFX Art Gallery, left to right: “No Visible Means of Support” by Sandra Betts, “Redesigning Duckworth” by Linda Strowbridge, “Family Tree” by Susan Tilsley Manley and “Garden Song” by Ann Schroeder

Exhibition pic

“Out of Chaos – Order” by Susan Lilly, “Ships of the Desert” by Linda Findly (Best in Show) and “Snowbound” by Ann Schroeder

If you want to see this exhibition, it is at the gallery until July 15, 2015.

StFX gallery invitation

StFX gallery invitation

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