Teaching in Port Williams

A while ago I had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Town and Country Quilt Guild in Port Williams, Annapolis Valley. The theme was photos on fabric, that is how to print or transfer them otherwise onto fabric and then how to incorporate them into a small art quilt by applying design principles and colour theory.

I had a very dedicated and eager group of ten lovely ladies who were willing to try something new and stretch their boundaries. We had a wonderful and very productive day. I was very impressed with all the good design ideas and beautiful fabric combinations everybody came up with.  The energy in the room was flowing, the creativity sparking! We all had a good time and I hope the gals invite me back for another workshop.

Here are some of the first results, during the design stage. You can see some layouts that were ready to be sewn and some that were in early design stages.

Barbara worked with pictures of flowering chives and found some great fabrics to support the colour scheme:

Debbie went right to work and had her top amost done at the end of the day. A beautiful colour combination, very springlike:

I love Kate’s handmade stamp of the chive blossom and her pink accents:

Jackie’s work features orange tulip blossom photos, she also did a rubbing with metallic oil paintsticks on the fabric:

Dawna’s layout is very elegant and calm, she also uses a handmade stamp for detail:

Linda is auditioning different ribbons to enhance her composition with a photo of poppie seedpods:

Linda is incorporating the chives’ stalks into her design. I love the bright green:

Ginny had all the right fabrics with her to really make those lupin pictures stand out:

For some reason I did not manage to take pictures of Marie’s and Ruth’s layouts – my apologies-  but they were fabulous as well. Marie worked with pictures of birds on a power line, and Ruth had some plant pictures she incorporated.

I was very happy with the work we got done, the results will be beautiful.

Let me know if your group or guild would be interested in the workshop, I love to teach!



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